1. How are your lessons tailored to my specific needs? I start with a comprehensive needs assessment questionnaire to gather information about your English proficiency, learning goals, professional background, and personal interests. This allows me to create a personalized proposed curriculum.

2. How long is each lesson? Each lesson lasts 55 minutes. I'll design a personalized learning plan with a recommended number of sessions and a timeline after assessing your goals and needs via the initial questionnaire.

3. Can I take a trial lesson before committing to a course? Instead of a trial lesson, I utilize the results from the initial questionnaire to customize your learning from the first consultation, ensuring effective progress from the start.

4. Will the course content focus on patent-specific terminology and communication strategies? Yes, my  courses are specifically designed for patent professionals, focusing on relevant patent-specific terminology and effective communication strategies.

5. What is the format of your courses? While I prefer face-to-face, my courses are primarily conducted online via video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and others, allowing for real-time interaction and a dynamic learning experience. 

6. Do you offer group lessons or corporate packages for organizations? I do not offer group lessons due to our experience that participants often vary significantly in their proficiency levels, which can hinder the learning process for everyone involved. However, I do provide on-site trainings for organizations where we can effectively organize sessions tailored to groups with similar skill levels. This approach ensures that each participant receives the most relevant and effective instruction, enhancing the overall learning experience.

7. How do you measure my progress? Your progress is assessed through regular evaluations, instructor feedback, self-assessments, and tracking improvements in specific skills. We establish clear goals and milestones to help you visualize your achievements.

8. How much does each lesson cost? A la carte lessons cost JPY 10,000. Discounts are available for lessons purchased in bulk. For more detailed information, please see the "FEES" information below.

9. Can I change my course content or schedule if my needs change? Absolutely! We offer flexible and adaptable learning options. If your needs evolve, you can discuss adjustments to your course content or schedule with your instructor.

10. How can I schedule lessons to accommodate time zone differences and my work schedule? Our booking software adjusts for time zone differences and displays available times in Japan time, making it easy to schedule lessons that suit your work schedule.

11. Do you provide any resources or materials for self-study outside of the lessons? Yes, we encourage self-study and provide various resources and materials to support your learning outside of scheduled lessons.

12. What is your cancellation policy? A la carte lessons can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance without a fee. Cancellations made 24 hours in advance incur a 50% fee, and cancellations made in fewer than 24 hours will be charged the full price. For bulk lesson packages, cancellation terms vary and will be clearly outlined in your package agreement at the time of purchase.

13. What if I have other questions or concerns not addressed here? Please don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions or concerns. I am  here to assist you and provide the information you need to optimize your learning experience. 

14. What is your satisfaction guarantee? I am committed to providing the highest quality learning experience and am confident in the effectiveness of my programs. If you are not fully satisfied with your course, I  offer a full refund. Please contact me to discuss any concerns you have—your satisfaction is my top priority.

15. What are the payment options available? Payments can be made in Japanese Yen (JPY). For your convenience, credit card payments are preferred as they allow quick and secure processing of transactions. If you have any questions about other payment methods, please feel free to contact us.

LEARN ENGLISH words made of colorful beads and miniature man act as a teacher. Educational concept


person holding light bulb

One Claim at a Time


per lesson

more info
Dive into the basics of patent English, one focused lesson at a time.
person holding compass facing towards green pine trees

Provisional Patent (5) Pack


per lesson

more info
Kickstart your patent English skills with a short series of 5 pre-paid foundational lessons.

8% Discount

Total: ¥46,000

two people sitting during day

Utility Model (10) Pack


per lesson

more info
Enhance your language proficiency with an expanded set of 10 pre-paid lessons.

12% Discount!

Total: ¥88,000

man facing green mountains during daytime

Full Patent Filing (20) Pack


per lesson

more info
Commit to comprehensive language mastery with our most extensive pre-paid package, covering all facets of patent communication.

20% Discount!!

Total: ¥160,000

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