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Welcome to Patent Pro English, my personal endeavor born from a unique blend of experiences. I’m Danny Katz, and I’ve spent nearly two decades in patent legal support coupled with six years training professionals in business English and intercultural skills in Tokyo. My mission has always been to help Japanese professionals excel in their fields.

My collaborations with top law firms and corporations in NYC, Tokyo, and Seattle have enriched my approach, allowing me to offer you a comprehensive learning experience. Being fluent in Japanese and committed to continuous improvement, I aim to be an exceptional mentor for those seeking to enhance their English communication and intercultural skills.

My expertise in English communication and intercultural competence is deeply influenced by my bicultural upbringing—I was raised in Scarsdale, NY by a Japanese mother and an American father. Every summer spent in Kumamoto, Japan, helped strengthen my cultural understanding.

I studied abroad at Tsukuba University and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1999. Today, I live in NYC with my husband, where I also enjoy composing and performing music on the piano, guitar, and ji-uta shamisen. I have had the pleasure of touring in both Japan and the US to share my musical creations.

Fun Facts: My Japanese Favorites
- Dialect: 熊本弁
- Band: スピッツ
- Songs: 神田川 by かぐや姫 and 島唄 by The Boom
- Food: 親子丼
- Action Hero: Space Sheriff Sharivan
- Cartoon: ドラえもん
- Guilty Pleasures: TRF's "Survival Dance" and quirky Japanese commercials from the 80s!
- Favorite Kanji: 魑魅魍魎 and 慇懃無礼
- Birth Year: 昭和52 
- Blood Type: O+ 

Let’s embark on this journey to master Patent English together!

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