Why You Should Communicate By Phone and Video

Apr 09, 2024By Danny Katz

Effective communication is crucial for success, especially in the field of patent law. As professionals increasingly collaborate across borders, phone and video calls are becoming essential tools to foster stronger relationships and streamline decision-making processes. In this blog post, we explore the top 10 reasons why you should consider communicating with your international counterparts by phone and video, highlighting the benefits of real-time interactions and digital collaboration.

1. Faster Decision Making

During a Zoom meeting, attorneys discuss and agree on a patent claim amendment in minutes, avoiding lengthy email exchanges.

2. Clearer Understanding

A patent attorney explains a complex concept via Microsoft Teams screen sharing, allowing for immediate questions and clarifications.

3. Stronger relationships

Regular phone calls between Japanese and American attorneys foster familiarity, rapport, and open communication channels.

4. Reduced costs

An issue is quickly resolved during a Skype call, saving hours of labor that would have been spent drafting and reviewing written correspondence.

5. Digital age adaptability

Attorneys use a shared Zoom whiteboard to brainstorm and collaborate on patent strategies, showcasing their adaptability to digital tools.

6. Immediate feedback

During a Microsoft Teams call, attorneys can give and receive instant feedback on patent application drafts. 

7. Non-verbal cues

A video conference allows Japanese and American attorneys to observe each other's body language and facial expressions, enhancing understanding. 

8. Increased engagement

Interactive brainstorming sessions via Skype encourage active participation and a sense of involvement from all parties. 

9. Accessibility

Real-time communication tools like Zoom offer features such as live captions and language interpretation, making information more accessible.

10. Prompt conflict resolution

A phone call can resolve misunderstandings or disagreements in real-time, preventing escalation.

By embracing phone and video calls in your daily work, you can significantly enhance your communication with fellow professionals across the globe. These tools foster a more connected, efficient, and engaged work environment, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for all parties involved. So, don't hesitate to pick up the phone or schedule that video call – it's time to harness the power of real-time communication and bring your patent law practice to new heights!